Using the Surgery


Appointments can be made by telephone on 01856 831206. Please note that your appointment lasts 15 minutes and if you have more than one problem or feel you may require more time please ask for a longer appointment

When you make an appointment, a receptionist will ask you about the nature of your appointment. Please do not be offended by this. They are trained to assist you and are asking so that they can ensure you can be dealt with by the most appropriate member of our team. If the doctor is the most appropriate person to deal with your problem, reception staff will offer you an initial telephone or video call with the doctor. Following this appointment, the doctor will outline a management and treatment plan which may include attending for blood tests, imaging (x-rays), face-to-face examinations with either a nurse or doctor or a possible referral to a specialist. We have found this system to be an efficient way of managing prompt patient access to those most in need. With ever changing pressures on the NHS, we will continue to adapt and improve the service we offer to our patients

The practice dispenses medications which the doctor prescribes. If the required prescription is not in stock we can usually obtain it within 3 days.
Repeat Prescriptions
For repeat medications please leave a message on the repeat medication phone line at 01856 831300. You can telephone any time, day or night, (this is an answerphone) and tell us your name and address, and the names of the drugs that you require.You can also use the repeat prescription online system (firstly register with EMIS access at the surgery and then click on link: repeat prescriptions). Please note that we require 3 working days notice to dispense a repeat prescription.
Home Visits
You can arrange a home visit from the doctor if you are too ill to attend the surgery. Please arrange this in the morning, therefore giving the doctor time to visit. Where possible, it is best to examine patients at the surgery where we have increased facilities for investigation and treatment.
All members of the practice are bound by strict rules governing confidentiality.
New Patients
When you register you will be offered an appointment initially with the practice nurse and then the doctor to assess your general current state of health and to discuss any specific needs for medical care. We attach a great deal of importance to this first appointment as it provides for a baseline medical assessment and also ensures we are up to date with your medical conditions before we receive your full medical records from your previous doctor.
Foreign Travel
At least 9 weeks prior to travel please make an appointment to discuss the necessary medical requirements. You may need several follow up consultations for Travel Vaccinations.
We try to provide the best possible service. If there are things that you particularly like or dislike, please contact our practice manager Lorna Whyte with your comments at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.